Outnumbered: Improbable Heroes | A Cooperative Superhero Math Game! Roll Dice, Do Math, Save the City!

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Type of Game: Cooperative, City Defense, Superheroes  

Ages: 8+   Players: 1 - 6   Time: 20 mins

Combine forces to thwart evil in Outnumbered: Improbable Heroes, a math-based cooperative strategy game. Absolute Zero and his minions are loose in Megatropolis, trying to capture the powerful Infinity Generator! Assemble your team and strategically plan out your sequence of attacks together. As waves of Villains advance, you must use math skills and unique Hero Abilities to hit target numbers, repelling your nemesis and his minions. Overcome their counterattacks and impose order over chaos!

One to six players must work together, rather than competing, to help the Heroes defeat the Villains as they develop their mental math skills.

COMBINE MATH AND STRATEGY - Test your math skills AND your strategic thinking to succeed. The most successful players will creatively manipulate values to defend against the most important targets.

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