Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about My Order

I placed an order on your website a few days ago but I never received a confirmation e-mail. Should I have gotten one?

After placing your website order, you should’ve immediately received an email order notification from, subject line “Order #XXXX”. If you don’t see it in your inbox, we suggest checking your spam folder — sometimes you’ll find it there! If you don’t have any email notification of an order number, it could be there was an issue and your order didn’t go through.

If you did receive an order notification, but are looking for your shipping notification email, search and look for the subject line “A shipment from order #XXX is on the way”. That will notify you that your order is ready to ship! A business day or two after that, you should receive another email from, subject line “Your Genius Games order #XXXX shipment update!” that has your tracking number. When your shipment has been delivered, you should receive a final shipping email from, subject line “ A shipment from order #XXXX has been delivered”.

If it’s been more than several business days since you placed your order, and you haven’t seen any of the shipping notifications, email us at with the subject line “Shipping Notification - [Your Name]” and we’ll look into it!

I placed an order a few days ago and received a shipping notification but haven't gotten my order yet. Where is it?

We try to process orders in a day or two, and then shipment times vary based on your location. If it is a domestic US shipment and a few weeks have passed without any sign (or several weeks for international shipments), shoot us an email at with the subject line “Missing Package - [Your Name]” and we’ll help figure out what is going on! For US orders, check the tracking number provided in your shipping notification. Sometimes packages unfortunately get held up for one reason or another.

I backed a Kickstarter campaign but still haven't gotten my reward yet. Help!

On occasion the Address Surveys may have ended up in your spam folder (or we never received a response from you), so we didn’t have a physical address to which we could ship your reward - so check your email/junk folder just in case! Otherwise, email us at with the subject line “Cytosis Kickstarter - [Your Backer Number]” and we’ll get you sorted out as quickly as possible!

My game/book was significantly damaged when it arrived. What options do I have?

Oh dear! Shoot an email to with the subject line “[Game/Book Title] Shipping Damage - [Your Name] and let us know what the issue is, and we’ll get you taken care of! Please include pictures of the damage so we can better resolve any larger shipping issues that might be causing this sort of damage!

My game is missing components. Can I get a replacement piece?

Email with the subject line “[Game Title] Missing or Damaged Pieces - [Your Name]” to let us know what components you’re missing and we’ll help you out!

Questions about Playtesting Your Games

Do you have local playtesting events that I can join?

Yes! We are based in St. Louis, Missouri and would love to play with you! Shoot an email to with the subject line “Playtest in St. Louis - [Your Name]” and we’ll send you the details!!

Can I playtest your game in current development with my gaming group?

We always appreciate receiving feedback about our games in development! Email, subject line “Playtest - [Your Name]”, and we’ll email you the link to the current Print-and-Play version of our game (that you can print on almost any computer), as well as a rubric for providing feedback! You can also check out our FB group specifically for game development feedback called The Geekiest Science Game Playtesters Around!

Questions on Playability

I've played educational games before, and I've found them boring. How are your games different?

We’ve played those boring educational games too — which is why we wanted to create our own games that make learning difficult science concepts engaging, creative, and fun! Our games are designed by gamers and vetted by gamers.

What is the appropriate age/grade level of your games?

Our games are designed to teach hard science concepts to any kid old enough to play board/card games, so, while each game has a recommended age range on the box, this depends on the unique makeup of each gamer! Kids as young as 8 can enjoy playing them, while the science content matches up more with what students at the 9th grade level would be learning in the classroom.

Are your games accurate enough to use in a classroom?

Yes! We create games that accurately tackle real science concepts and present them in a fun, engaging game format. All of our games are reviewed by both scientists and teachers to ensure accuracy and are currently being used in classrooms around the world. Our game Ion: A Compound Building Game is even endorsed by the National Science Teachers Association!


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