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Type of Game: tile placement, set collection, cooperative or competitive

Ages: 14+   Players: 2 - 4   Time: 15 - 30 mins

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How to Play Einstein the Board Game

In Einstein, a light co-op/competitive abstract strategy game, each player represents Einstein during one of four periods in his life: Young, Prime, Globetrotting, and Wise. The game features simple mechanics that have you placing two tiles into the “Big Idea” on your turn minimizing downtime. The unique penrose tiles create compelling patterns and ensure replay value. And the comic book instruction manual makes gameplay accessible for everyone.

Einstein: Genius Expansion

New insight cards can be taken to pursue personally in addition to inspiration & Major theories. New Genius scoring! Score by 6 categories of physics, mathematics, chemistry, philosophy, major theories, & Collaboration. Share inspiration & ideas! You can now use the inspiration cards & idea tiles of your opponents as well as your own.

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