Math Rush 2: Multiplication & Exponents | A Cooperative Time-Based Math Card Game

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Type of Game: Real Time Cooperative, Sequencing

Ages: 8+ Players: 1 - 5 Time: 15 mins

Math Concepts: Multiplication, Exponents


Think fast in Math Rush 2, a totally thrilling cooperative math game that will make your heart race and your head rev! For three rounds, up to five players must balance strategy and speed, properly sequencing products and exponents before the timer runs out. Crunch the numbers in a hurry and rack up more points; make an error and miss your goal. Whether you beat your high score or not, it’s more fun than you calculated.
COOPERATIVE MATH GAME - Players must think fast as they work together, rather than competing versus each other, to complete as many goals as possible before time runs out.
Play a math game to learn and reinforce basic math rather than using class-room style multiplication flashcards or times tables, which means everyone learns while having fun.
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