Kid's 100 Piece Human Body Floor Puzzle - 4ft Tall | Dr Livingston's Unique Shaped Science Floor Jigsaw Puzzle

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Dr. Livingston JR - 100 Piece Human Body Floor Puzzle that is 4ft Tall

Includes an Anatomy Reference Guide

100% Accurate | 50% Magnification (For kids)


Assemble an Accurate Cross-cut of the Entire Human Body! From  Pre-order for Kid's Anatomy Jigsaw Floor Puzzle. From cranium to fingertip, marvel at the rich complexities of human anatomy. The head, chest, and abdomen showcase our sensory, vital, and digestive organs in magnificent detail. The limbs reveal our intricate muscles, bones, arteries, and veins. See our myriad parts that give us shape and energy, let us navigate and move. When finished, kids can stand back and appreciate their anatomy to their scale.

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