Tesla vs. Edison | War of Currents Board Game

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Type of Game: stock market, area control, tech track

Ages: 14+   Players: 2 - 5   Time: 20 min / per player

How to Play Tesla Vs Edison

A Summary of Tesla Vs Edison Board Game

Tesla vs. Edison brings up to 5 players together to contest the rough-and-tumble War of Currents between the companies of great inventors like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Players represent investors teaming up with one of the great inventors of the time to start an electric company and lead it to glory.

Using the unique and asymmetrical skills of your inventor and other luminaries you hire into your company, players take turns claiming electric projects across the United States, making advances in key technologies, buying and selling other companies' shares in the market, and manipulating the media and popular opinion with propaganda. The player with the most valuable stock portfolio in this free-wheeling game is the winner!

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