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Play through the basics of Chemistry with these two cards games - Ion: A Compound Building Game & Covalence A Molecule Building Games. Ion is a competitive card game where players use their available ion cards to create neutrally charged compounds or sets of noble gases.

Covalence is a cooperative puzzle-style game where players must work together to identify the chemical structure of a number of secret organic molecules. 

Topics Covered: 

In Ion, learn about Elements and Atoms, Ions, Charge balance, Ionic Bonding, the Periodic Table, group elements such as Alkaline Earth Metals, Alkali Metal, Halogens Noble Gases, Acids and Bases, Transition Metals, Polyatomic Ions, and so much more! 

In Covalence learn about single and double Covalent bonds, the basic bonding patterns of Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen, stereochemistry, and naming chemical structures! 


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